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New 2.1 version of Gardenphilia DESIGNER already available!

Check the functionalities of the brand new 2.1 version of Gardenphilia DESIGNER a professional software for 3D garden and landscape design and visualization. Discover why our program is the most bought professional application for garden design and visualization in Poland.

Gardenphilia DESIGNER professional software for 3D garden and landscape design and visualization. 

Order the brand new 2.1 version and check how the ease of use and speed of designing of our Gardenphilia DESIGNER program has increased! Thanks to the new offline mode, you will be able to use our software anywhere regardless of the Internet connection (offline mode available only in commercial version).

We have increased also freedom of designing by introducing 20 new 3D models and 10 new textures, including textures with transparency. Another new functionalities awaited by Clients are roofs’ surface design and automatic counting of number of plants on a defined area. And it’s not all, we have additionally increased safety by an introduction of automatic backup versions and changes saving option before closing the program. 

Detailed list of new functionalities in Gardenphilia DESIGNER 2.1 version:


  • work in an offline mode – with no need of the Internet access
  • automatic loging
  • automatic creation of local folders of projects, plants, 3D models and textures on User computer


  • easy texture drag and drop insertion from a list
  • area size counting by colors (not only by material textures)
  • automatic plants spacing out, automatic counting of number of plants on the whole area and on a square meter
  • labels of areas filled with plants
  • camera zoom, fluent camera height setup, constant camera setup in 3D view and virtual walk view


  • 10 new textures
  • textures with transparency i.e. openwork fences
  • 20 new 3D models (sport gear and other) – 60 3D models together
  • roofs surface and drop terrain designing tool


  • auto save and capacity to return to one of four backup versions automatically saved on a User computer every 15 minutes
  • introduction of protection from project closing without saving changes

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