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20 years of experience in creating professional software to design and visualize gardens and greenery

The company deals with developing a professional software for gardens and landscape designing and visualising. It was founded in 2011 by landscape architects with years of professional experience. The company’s mission is to provide designers with professional solutions so that garden and landscape design becomes a pleasure.

The Gardenphilia DESIGNER is the best-selling professional software for gardens and landscape designing in Poland. Currently Gardenphilia.com is entering the European market with multiple language versions of the Gardenphilia DESIGNER software.

Gardenphilia DESIGNER – professional garden design application

Unique on the European market, the Gardenphilia DESIGNER software is solely dedicated to design and visualisation of greenery for companies and professionals working in the area of garden and landscape design. The latest version 2023 has been developed with the support of academics, practitioners, and landscape architects, The program has the largest market base of plants of the European climate zone including seasonal changes – more than 8 000 plant species. The application enables 2D design, 3D visualisation, engineering designs and cost estimates and runs on Windows 10,11 and mac OS.

  professional software to design and visualize gardens and greenery