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Detailed features of Gardenphilia DESIGNER software

Check the detailed features and unique possibilities offered by the professional program for garden 3D design and visualization Gardenphilia DESIGNER 2.1

  • Ease at designing thanks to the largest on the market plant base adjusted to the European climate zone – more than 8000 species
  • 4-in-1: a huge time saving and comfort of designing thanks to the opportunity to a simultaneous creation and change of the 2D concept, 3D visualization, engineering design as well as cost estimate
  • Very high speed of making and introducing changes in projects and smoothness of visualization thanks to the new hardware-assisted graphic engine
  • The ability to create and present to customers interactive 4D projects with the changes in time
  • Possibility to present clients their future gardens thanks to a smooth simulation of growth and colour changes of plants together with seasonal changes
  • Possibility of precise planning of plants in particular solar zones thanks to a dynamic shading simulation including plants’ growth in time
  • An outstanding comfort thanks to the opportunity to present projects on mobile devices anywhere and in every conditions
  • The unique aesthetic and the plasticity of projects by hand-painted library of plant symbols
  • Intuitiveness and ease of creating designs with a modern and transparent software interface, constantly extended base of plants, textures, photographs, and 3D objects
  • The openness of the software for creative designers due to an Editor tool that gives the ability to create and add your own plants, symbols, textures and objects
  • Convenience and fast pace of creating projects in cooperation with other programs by importing 2D and 3D files as well as exporting 2D files
  • Using the always updated version of the software thanks to the automatic update of the software and databases via the Internet.

professional program for garden 3D design and visualization Gardenphilia DESIGNER

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