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Try Gardenphilia DESIGNER 2.1 program full FREE DEMO version

We encourage you to try the completely free full DEMO version of our program for garden and landscape design and visualisation.

The free of charge full DEMO version has all the functions of the commercial Gardenphilia DESIGNER PRO version, which gives you an opportunity to become familiar with all the capabilities of a professional version Gardenphilia DESIGNER PRO. The only limitation of the DEMO version is the possibility to enter only one garden project.

Try out the completely free DEMO version and see why Gardenphilia DESIGNER is the most bought professional program for design and visualisation of garden and landscape in Poland.

Installation manual:


Before installation, program requires download and installation of a free Adobe AIR plug-in (available on Adobe website). Link to the Adobe AIR plug in: http://get.adobe.com/air/


Download the free full DEMO version of the Gardenphilia DESIGNER 2.1 program. During installation, enter your data and telephone number which will be a basis for generating your licence key.


We recommend to switch off firewall and antivirus programs on your computer  temporarily. They may block installation of our program.

If information about damaged installation file appears, please switch off the antivirus program during installation (It requires sometimes a restart of a computer for antivirus programs working in the background).

ATTENTION: Next updates will appear automatically.

Gardenphilia DESIGNER program full FREE DEMO

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